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Stefan Żeromski High School No. 1 in Elk

School’s History

Stefan Żeromski High School No. 1 in Ełk is a school with rich tradition. Its origins date back to the period after the Second World War.  On 1 September 1945, the Public Mixed Secondary School began to work. Over the years, the school had been changing its organizational system. In 1946, it changed its name into the Public Secondary School and High School; a High School branch was then also created, which was intended for working people. In 1965, the school was given a new flag and the name of Stefan Żeromski and in 1976, a High School Complex was created. In 1989, the High School was accepted as a member of the Club of Leading Schools.

Since 2004, the school has been known under the name of Stefan Żeromski High School No. 1.

SCHOOL’S PREMISES – tradition and modernity

The School is located in a characteristic, beautiful building dating back to 1856. It also has a new sport hall, which was opened to students during Regional School Year Inauguration, which was held on 1st September 2006. In June 2013, a modern sports field was also opened, which has considerably improved the school’s infrastructure.


It is no exaggeration to say that thousands of students have  left the confines of High School No. 1 in Ełk. Every year about 200 students pass successfully their final exam. Teaching staff consists of about 50 teachers, who are doing their best to maintain the legendary quality of education. In order to provide the best education, teaching in classes with advanced program is being continuously adjusted to students’ needs, their interests and requirements of higher education institutions.


Foreign language teaching is done in groups, composed of students from all classes; they are divided according to the language level of advancement, and students can choose two languages out of four available, which are English, German, French and Russian. Classes with advanced foreign language teaching program have six hours of foreign language study per week.


High School No. 1 is one of the best secondary schools in Poland, which is confirmed by both very good results of countrywide ratings such as those by "Perspektywy" and "Rzeczpospolita" newspapers, and by study over EWD (value-added assessment in education) led by Central Education Committee (CKE). In September 2004, High School No. 1 was awarded the title of "Classy School". According to the rating prepared in the following year by the "Newsweek" magazine, High School No. 1 took the first place in the region with regard to the percentage of graduates who were accepted as full-time students to the most popular public universities. The rating established by "Rzeczpospolita" newspaper in 2006 placed  the school at the 251st position in Poland, and the 10th in the region according to the number of laureates and finalists of subject contests in the school year 2004/2005. In another 2007 countrywide rating of high schools prepared by "Rzeczpospolita", our high school took the 7th place in the region and the 209 th in the country. In  2008, the school improved its position and found itself among the best high schools in the Warminsko-Mazurskie region, according to the countrywide rating of high schools, done and published by "Rzeczpospolita" and "Perspektywy", in which the school took the 146th place (out of 378 classified schools) at the country level, and the very high 3rd place at the regional level. In the years that followed, the school has always been among the 200 best high schools in Poland as the only school from our city.

The school is one of 40 schools in Poland participating in the program which prepares students to obtain a German language certificate DSD B2/C1, which entitles them to study in Germany. Over the past years, dozens of students began studies in Germany thanks to this exam.
In 1991,  the school got in touch with Rissen Secondary School in Hamburg as well as with Johann-Rist Secondary School in Wedel, which made it possible to organize Polish - German students exchanges, an experience of great value for all participants. Apart from this initiative, students of High School No. 1 are currently taking part in various forms of international cooperation, among which the Polish-Korean students exchange deserves special attention. In the school year 2010/2011, a group of students from High School No. 1 in Elk took part in the project "A to Polska właśnie" (And that's Poland), sponsored by the Ministry of National Education and Caritas Polska. The students set off for an unforgettable journey to South Korea, and later they hosted in Elk visitors from Korea. In 2013, students from High School no. 1 participated in a student exchange with the Lithuanian city of Birstonas.

Both students and teachers from the school are involved in various forms of extracurricular activities, the majority of which are supposed to consolidate and broaden students’ knowledge and skills. The school took active part in various projects supported by the European Social Fund, including the projects such as "To lubię…" (I like it) and "Archimedes". These activities contributed, among others, to greater involvement of students in different contests.
Since many years, the school has always enjoyed great popularity among students from secondary schools in Elk and its surroundings, mainly because more than 90% of its graduates studies at universities. The school also offers a very good preparation for final exams. In the past few years, 100% of students have passed final exams and their results often exceed countrywide average results.

It should be also emphasized that the school attempts to take care of both mental and physical development of the students. That is why the school offers many additional sport activities and many students take part in various sport events and compete at all levels: between schools, counties and regions; their participation has often brought victory to our teams as well as individual players.

Furthermore, the school is renowned for considerable involvement of its students in city’s cultural and social life. Our students are members of music bands, perform in the local Amateur Theatre, as well as organize regular events in the Elk Community Centre, such as Kaziuki Festival, which promotes the culture of Kresy - Eastern Borderlands. Students of High School No. 1 have often prepared academic lectures, made speeches or participated in celebrations organized by city authorities.

Generations of noble teachers had contributed to school’s success. Particular recognition should be attributed to those who created the school's reputation, among whom one legend - Marian Arter, who was the headmaster in the years 1956-1972.
Popular "Czerwony" (The Red) contributes to the colours of the city of Elk. Many noble citizens of the city, region and country have graduated from High School No. 1.

Łukasz Gniedziejko, klasa  II e1